Face Claim

Here on Closer we allow all types of faces: Celebs, musicians, models, youtube, tumblr, etc. We do ask that you respectfully not use anyone who has publicly announced that they do not wish to be used and of course that you don't use yourself and/or friends and family. We do not have a playby to character age ratio, but we ask that you use common sense. Johnny Depp's current photos aren't going to pass for a 17 year old; however, his pictures from the 80's will.

We do allow reservations and they last up to one week. Faces are first come, first serve and if two people are apping with the same face, the person who finishes their app will get dibs. You may also request faces for want ads, but be aware that just because you requested that face does not mean it automatically belongs to you. If someone else wants a requested face, they are allowed to use it.

Please Note: The colours of each taken face indicate what member group they belong in. Twins and triplets with identical face claims are marked with an asterisk (*)

Unless you are requesting or reserving a face please post your claims in your character's app!

To Reserve:
<span class="reserved">Face Claim</span> for Alias until <i>Month Date</i><br>
To Request:
<span class="requested"><a href="link to request">Face Claim(s)</a></span> for Alias<br>
Adam Gallagher as Anthony Royce
Alexa Losey as Elliot Sawyer
Ariana Grande as Allegra Castiglione
Ashley Moore as Aaliyah Mitchell
Barbara Palvin as Olivia Eaton
Bella Thorne as California Clarke
Bridget Satterlee as Mollee Royce
Chris Hemsworth as Cian Donoghue
Chris Wood as Griffin Pierce
Daniel Sharman as Scott Clarkson
Demi Lovato as Cecelia Telesco
Dove Cameron* as Amberlynn Woods
Dove Cameron* as Emerson Woods
Eva Green as Perrine LeCroix
Felix Bujo as Elias Moreno-Garcia
Gigi Hadid as Lola Romanov
Han Hyo Joo as Natalie Jeon
Harry Styles as Kain Harlow
Hayley Kiyoko as Alexandria Robbins
Hunter King as McKayla Knight
Ian Somerhalder as Michael Ashtree
Im Jaebum as Zaire Flynn
Isabelle Fuhrman as Natalie Parker
Javier Bardem as Chase McIntosh
Kate Beckinsale as Vasilisa Markova
Kim Taeyeon as Nox Barnett
Kim Taehyunh (aka V) as David Lee
Kim Jonghyun as Greyson Hammett
Kristin Kreuk as Catherine Keller
Lalisa Manoban as Novella Devereux
Lee Jong Suk as Mckinley Song
Lee Taemin as Declan Prescott
Magdalena Zalejska as Anya Andrejczyk
Michelle Rodriguez as Victoria Cazarez
Min Yoongi as Jules Rathbone
Nolan Gerard Funk as Devon Prescott
Park Bo Young as Nari Ryu
Park Hye Min as Lily Park
Shin Hoseok (Wonho) as Nyle Slater
Stephen James as Lucas Blacke
Zhang Yixing as Percival Norwood
Ariana Grande for Sammy until July 30th
Demi Lovato for Sammy until July 30th
Sarah Hyland for Sammy until July 30th