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 his heart is with the holy one, 26, little bit of everything, frost

about the character

name: Michael Jacob Ashtree

nickname(s): Micah

age: Twenty-Six

birthday: April 06

gender: male

sexuality: heterosexual

hometown: myrtle beach, sc

relationship status: single

grade in school: eleventh

occupation: jack of all trades

member group: frost

face claim: ian somerhalder

content warning: homeless, physical child abuse, mention of child molestation (but not him)


  • god, playing guitar, singing, people liking his music and art, drawing and painting, a good day's work, his tricked out van, children, reading, other spiritual Christians, people in general, seeing people be kind and show love toward their fellow man, hot cocoa, fried chicken, fish sandwiches with tartar sauce, grapes, carrots, strawberry cheesecake
  • hate, violence, blasphemy against god, striving for material riches, being forced into a corner with anything, being dirty, being hungry, not having enough gas for the car, he dislikes a lot but it's not hate
  • anything else you would like to tell us about your character? [optional]

about the player

alias: Psalms

age: old, okay?

pronouns: she/her

personal triggers: honestly, none

mature rp: I won't roleplay premartial sex as strange at that sounds in today's world. I'd apologize but it's for a good cause. Violence is okay in moderation, as violence does happen and even the best people have to deal with it. And Language is okay. I won't be bothered by it, just don't expect me to cuss in roleplay.

timezone: EST

contact: pm

other characters: n/a

a friend can become a home

The first thing you'll need to know is that Michael is homeless and half ashamed of that. He'll avoid telling you where he lives and if he can't get a shower at the homeless shelter, he won't come to your house or go anywhere public. Other than that he is a sweet and caring man who will do anything he can for his friends. He's not perfect so he may not be able to be there finance wise in large amounts, but a shoulder to cry on, or someone to talk to without judgment or hate or anger, he's your guy.

He could use a few friends. I wouldn't mind, eventually, someone trying to reach out to him after finding out he's homeless, I just wouldn't expect him to end up living with you or anything but when he's really hungry, he won't turn down a meal, no matter how bad it feels to take from you or take handouts in general.


There could be a number of reasons he's made an enemy or enemes. People that were cruel and ignorant to his fellows who are also homeless, and he stuck up for them, which resulted in a fight. Someone that was speaking of hellfire and doom wrongly to people and scaring them or making them feel like crud, so he spoke out against them and reassured others god doesn't feel that way and wouldn't torture anyone for eternity. Or someone who just hates the homeless, sees them beneath their feet and would hate him just for something he can't help. Maybe he said something wrong, maybe your character is homeless too or just really poor and he got the last meal. Various things, ya know.

whoever who has not come to love, does not know god

Surprisingly, this handsome man is a virgin. He's never done anything. He's never been in love with a girl in his teens, though has had a few crushes and he's never caught feelings for a woman. It'd take a special one, probably someone spiritually minded or in need of spiritual food. He figures, he'll have sex when and if he ever gets married. He's not really looking to be honest, but ships are always fun. The one plot idea I do have, is a fast and loose woman, who dislikes herself for being that way and can't help it.

Maybe she was molested as a child and it messed her up, or she's just really insecure and thinks the only way to get any guys interested in her is to be extremely sexual and then they end up leaving her and don't even cast a second glance. She's never really been loved unconditionally be a man. Then here is my guy, he's absolutely not interested in getting in her pants and talks to her about god and other things, and just accepts her for who she is. Maybe offers advice, and they fall in love slowly over time. Then get married, whoo hoo. ... Yeah, I'm weird. What of it? Anyway, just an idea.

others title

blah blah blah your kid has others

Good Traits: Has faith, loves strongly, kind, hardworker, tolerant, willpowered, humble

Bad Traits: Stubborn, Daydreamer, Intense, self-concious, deceitful about his lifestyle, afraid of change

You say he's homeless. Why is that?
Well, it started really young. His father wanted him to take over his massive and global advertising company when he came of age. It wasn't what Michael wanted but he didn't know what he wanted out of life, because he wanted to do everything. By sixteen, he could see his father was serious and wasn't about to hand the reigns over to anyone. His father was in his sixties and ready to retire, so he was ready for Michael to take over at eighteen. However, now, Jonathan could see Michael was serious and this is when the beatings began.

After so long, at seventeen, before he could go into his senior year, he left with a backpack, some clothes. He started working under the table and sleeping in abandoned houses and scrapping together money to rent a motel for a night or eat. He hasn't looked back and there was never any missing posters put up. He didn't trust any family members either, everyone was rich and was into keeping up appearances. He would have been a stain on their lives.

How does he want to be seen by others?

Strong and confident. Someone who has his life together. He lies to keep up appearances, so people he cares about don't know he's homeless.

Is there anything he likes about his current situation?
Yes, and no. He feels it keeps him humble in the eyes of god, but if he could not be homeless by his own means, he would take the chance.

How did he come to know god?
Well, his parents went to a baptist church but he never understood any of it. Honestly, they probably didn't either, they didn't live by bible principles. But yeah, he wasn't very spiritual growing up. Somehow, one day he was given a bible at one of the homeless shelters in the city and he started reading. From there, he learned as much as he could and drank it in. He learned a lot on his own and asked fellow Christians what they believed scriptures meant before deciding on his own.

Sometimes, he visits churches but mostly to him, god is home and everywhere with him, so he doesn't have go to a certain church for anything. Just share what he knows and let people know they don't have to be alone, if they go by Faith and Belief.

How does he keep his faith in his situation?
Despite his situation, he's never hungry for long, he has a roof over his head most of the time, even if it's not the warmest place or it's dirty. He always has water, he has money, enough for what he needs and even when he gives to others, he feels good about himself and happy that someone is a little okay in the end. He feels blessed. Sure, he would like more and an actual home, but not riches. He believes god will lead him there someday, so he's patient and waits.

That's cool. What does he do for work?
He's an amazing guitarist and singer but he doesn't want to be famous. He sings in bars for money every Friday, and Saturday nights. He makes anywhere from forty to fifty dollars depending on the owners' money that night or how they're feeling, usually it's favorable. He also does protraits on the streets, and paints in class he takes every Sunday, selling those as well. He also works at a temp service 3-4 days out of the week in six hour shifts. It keeps him up on food, water, gas, sometimes motels so he can take a shower or buy strings for his guitar and more art supplies.

It's not enough for rent or paying bills. He doesn't even have a highschool diploma so he feels a little stuck in his situation, but he's also afraid of change.

Gas? Does he have a vehicle?
Yes, yes he does. He saved up for a car because he got tired of running all over the city. He would often be late for things. In the end, he paid eight hundred dollars for a sweet black van, with a dragon, moutains and trees painted on the left side. It costs bit in up keep, but he sleeps in the back and he's perfectly fine that way.

You say he's kind and obviously loving. Does he help other homeless around him? Yep. A lot, so sometimes he goes hungry himself for giving to others, especially homeless children and such. He's given quite a few people money for a new outfit for job interviews or for coats during the cold days. Just various things.

If he could change his situation. Would he? Would he let someone help?
If someone offered him a perma job, he'd want a legit interview and not a handout. He wouldn't stay at anyone's place unless he absolutely, positively had to. He eats food if it's presented to him and he's low on funds. He's ashamed of being homeless, he's ashamed of his situation and that drives him to be a hardworker, remain independent and take care of himself. He spent many years have a silver spoon in his life and once he saw how the poor people lived, he realized how spoiled he was and hadn't lived real life. He's making up for it.

character claims

face claim:
<span class="frost"><a href="http://closerrpg.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=119">Ian Somerhalder</a></span> as Michael Ashtree<br>
job claim:
<span class="frost"><a href="http://closerrpg.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=119">Michael Ashtree</a></span> is a/n <i>jack of all trades</i><br>
sports claim [for uni]:
NAME: n/a
SPORT: n/a
club claim [for uni]:
NAME: n/a
CLUB: n/a
residence claim [for uni]:
NAME: n/a
GRADE: n/a
new member directory claim:
[dohtml]<center> <div class="coughygiraffe">Psalms</div> <div class="coughysloth"> <div class="eggplant"> <fish>Michael Ashtree<br> <cough>jack of all trades<i class="fa fa-star" style="padding: 0px 5px;"></i> frost<br> <yawn>ian somerhalder</yawn></cough> </fish> <div class="rhirhi"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/tnU7qF7.gifv"></div> </div> </div> <div class="coffeegiraffe"> <center> <div class="hotchocolate"><sugarplums>contact</sugarplums>here</div> <div class="hotchocolate"><sugarplums>mature rp? </sugarplums> yes/no</div> </center> </div> </center>[/dohtml]
new character directory claim:
<div class="eggplant"> <fish>Michael Ashtree<br> <cough> jack of all trades <i class="fa fa-star" style="padding: 0px 5px;"></i> memgroup<br> <yawn>ian somerhalder</yawn></cough> </fish> <div class="rhirhi"><img src="squaregif"></div> </div>
Michael Ashtree
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Welcome to Closer!
i actually really enjoyed reading him, to be honest. many people write religious characters in an overbearing sense and it can sometimes drive me batty, but you've managed to create a character that embraces his faith and doesn't abuse it! i love it..
Lissa & Micah
lissa is a few years older than micah, but she's a genuinely caring sould that she's probably known him a good long while and genuinely feels bad for him and his situation. i can easily see her offering him a meal or some small amounts of cash when he's totally strapped and then when/if he tries to pay her back she'll pull the "i have no idea what you're talking about"

lissa owns an art gallery/dealership type place downtown and her doors would always be open for him whenever he needs a place to regenerate and recuperate, because that's the kind of woman that she is.
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Vicky & Micah
Yes! https://s10.postimg.org/79ojp2315/heartemoji.png. Obviously faith may come into question once and Micah would learn how heart broken she is as she would drop the line of "THAT WHY DID HE LET HER DIE?!" followed by appologizing....shes a freakin emotional wreck at the moment so yes she needs some freinds xD.!
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