myrtle beach, south carolina. a fun, quirky, bustling beachside city full of things to do, people to see, and places to visit. it's a little bit like a tossed salad when it comes to its residents and it's got a million and one things to do. if you want to join, please register with a First and Last name with regular caps. ie: Davey Jones.
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 break time, excellent 6/3, tony
McKayla had a new kind of candy she was wanting to get someone to try. Normally she would give it to Anya, but this one would be better as a gift for someone special. She knew someone who had someone special so she was going to give Tony the option of taking it it Mollee to see if she liked it. The chocolates were in a small, square, gold wrapped box with a rose tied to the top in a pretty green bow, as if it were leaves. The rose was a fake one, but it was a vibrant red.

The candies were a take on a Tiramisu bon bon. She had even used a coffee liqueur for part of the flavoring. She liked them but she wasn't sure if anyone else would. Which is why she had the taste testers. So she was hanging out in the lobby on her break and waiting for Tony swing by so she could find out if he wanted them or not. If not, she would pass them off to Anya. Though Anya would be sad if she found out she didn't share, though she would share with her later.

When she saw Tony, Mike bounced up and flagged him down. "Hey! Hi! I got something for Mollee to try if you are interested." She held up the box and waggled her brows.

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Although his shifts were usually in the evening when there were a lot more customers present, Tony found himself at the resort a lot during the day. Mollee was working and he had nothing to do in between, so he would just hang around the place, relax in the staff room, maybe try to catch a sneak peek of his wife.

Today wasn't any different. He'd run out of things to do at home, because without school to fill things in between he felt a little...lost. He'd just made his way into the resort when he heard someone call his name and he turned to see the blonde approach him with a box.

Tony arched his eyebrow. A box could have meant a lot of things coming from someone, but he knew Mikey and he knew what she did so putting two and two together wasn't difficult. "Hey," he greeted her with a smile. "For Mollee? What is it? She's probably going to be done her shift in a few hours if you wanted to give it to her," Tony said, unsure if she was approaching him to find out Mollee's whereabouts or if he was supposed to give the box to Mollee.
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