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 Healing a broken heart, Finals plot <3
30s. Face Claim is open. .
The picture should give you a pretty good idea what I'm looking for here folks. That is how Victoria was before losing Lori during the war, a loving girlfreind with a smile on her face now look at her a poor girl broken, feeling like her life is over...LETS FIX THAT SHALL WE!

*coughs* anyways what I'm looking for is someone who is going to be here long term I'm looking for Victoria's final, the girl that can help her finally move on and stop blaming herself like a stupid idiot over something that wasn't her fault. Anyways my orginal plot idea was girl and Victoria would meet over an online dating site and start chating before eveutlly the two would decide to meet in person. Keep in mind Victoria has put a wall around herself so breaking down her sheild is not going to be an easy task.

Now I'm not the best at this sort of stuff so any added parts to the plot feel free to ask me for discord so we can talk there or on the cbox, either way if you take this I shall love you forever and shower you with cookies XD

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