The following is our short list of rules. They're mostly common sense, painless sorts of things, but please keep them in mind as you roleplay here on Closer! After all, it's no fun if someone breaks the rules!
As we do not use OOC accounts on Closer, we ask for one account per character. Please register First Last in proper caps (Joe Smith, Anne Miller). As of present, we have absolutely no character limit. And no we don't have any ratio rules. If you want to make 10 boys and no girls, go right ahead!

Because we are an 18+ site, we'd like for your characters to be 18+ as well. Since we do not currently have JCink Premium service, we do ask that site content be kept to a 3-2-2. Basically we don't want pornos and gore movies made in threads.

There is no wait or post-count period to worry about between apps and characters. If you want to app 3 or 4 characters at once, go for it. We want to restrict you guys as little as possible! This is a hobby, it's pretendy fun-times.

Please do not post anywhere other than the application forum until you have been accepted and remember to fill out all of the claims inside the application so that we can get them added to the claims for you! The exceptions to this rule are of course the face claim for reservations, the help and questions section, and the wanted/plot discussions sections.
We do not have roll-call style activity checks. We dislike them. We dislike how much time and effort it takes for both members and staff alike to put them together. Instead we will do a behind the scenes sort of deal. If you haven't logged on and/or posted in at least a month without a leave of absence we will send you a PM and archive your character.

If we archive your character, simply reply in the Moderation thread with their Shipper-App link and edit any claims that need editing within, and we'll sort you out ASAP!

Please tag your threads with labels! [M] for anything mature like sexytimes, [V] for anything with violence, and [CW] or [TW] for anything that might have content inside that could possibly trigger someone or make someone squirm. [Examples being: rape, death, etc]

Please time-stamp your threads; we run live-time (February in real life = February on Closer), however you may post threads dated any time within the month (with a 3 day leeway into the next month/past month). You can have as many threads as you wish, we have you timestamp them so that you know when each one takes place for continuity's sake.

As always, no god-modding or meta gaming, and no Mary Sues/Gary Stus -- we like to see diversity and development here on Closer!
Out of Character
Respect is key; any issues with other members should be brought up to the admins. This means drama will not be tolerated! Three strikes of disrespect, causing drama, or the admins having to step in to stop god-modding, harrassment, etc means you will be suspended and/or banned.

Please try to plot and thread with as many people as possible. We're aware that everyone may not gel together and that's okay! But we also don't want anyone to feel left out. We heavily promote the usage of the shippers, wanted ads, and most definitely the Plot Discussion!

Avatars on the board are 250x400 pixels.The mini profile gifs can be any size, they should be square so that the ratios fit better.

No sexual content/discussions in the cbox. Keep it PG-13 at best. The cbox is a huge insight to what board life is like! If we set good examples within the cbox, people will be more inclined to join.

Out of character slurs towards any person's [or character's!] race, sexuality, identity, etc will not be tolerated. We are a friendly, open, and welcome RP and a safe place for everyone. If we see any harassment of this sort you will be given one warning; your second you will be asked to leave the site. On a similar note, please do not cross OOC/IC lines with this. Do not use your character as a means to target a character you may not specifically like, either.
Just have fun! We want to see this site expand and grow. We want you guys to get super involved in plots, drama, feels and all that comes with such an amazing hobby we all share!