Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. A fun, quirky, bustling beachside city full of things to do, people to see, and places to visit. It's a little bit like a tossed salad when it comes to its residents. You've got doctors and lawyers and teachers, but you've also got musicians and dancers and actors. And if you look a little deeper, you're sure to find that one Uber driver who strives to be Batman by night; or perhaps you'll find that waitress who just wants to perform on Broadway someday. Hell, you might even find that one firefighter who rules the drag stage every weekend and then comes home monday morning to his wife and kids. Myrtle Beach has a place for everyone.

There's also a rather well known family right here in the city. The Eaton family own many of the resorts that sit along the crystal blue waters of the Atlantic. They're rich, yes, but they're also charitable and decent people. Kinsey Eaton holds charity auctions and galas with her many friends; Langston Eaton plays golf with the mayor, the doctors, and even the professors. Their kids are just as kind, attending the local schools and helping out whenever they can.

One of the Eaton family's resorts is fairly well known across the Eastern seaboard as being the finest below the Mason-Dixon line. The Eaton Hotel and Resort isn't only the best resort, but if you look close enough, you'll find that much of its staff is made up of university aged people. That's because the Eaton family also own and fund an entire university.

That's right, about ten years ago, the Eaton family realized just how important education was for future generations. Langston took one of his more dilapidated resorts, the gold course, and the rest of the surrounding land and spent millions of dollars turning it into Kinsey University, named after his wife. The school has a wide range of majors and minors and only the best staff that Langston and his wife could find. On top of that, he offers students at the University jobs at Eaton Resort to help them not only find ways to pay back student loans, but also learn the value of a good dollar. Langston Eaton is a fair boss and he pays well.

Because of the Eaton family's generosity, Myrtle Beach, Eaton Resort, and Kinsey University thrive and are very well known across the country. The business in Myrtle Beach booms even in the off seasons and of course, the fun, quirky residents always have a place to call home.